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Trying to Record a Song Using 17 Year Old Technology

In this video, I thought I'd try recording an original song with technology from the early 2000s. This recording device is called the BOSS BR-532 and can record up to 4 tracks and 30+ virtual tracks. The BOSS BR-532 was released in 2002 and is a very frustrating unit to use by today's standards.

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Due to the BOSS BR-532 being so old, it was very hard to find useful tutorial videos so I did the best I could on a full day of filming. I hope you enjoy this video I put a lot of work into it.

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BR-900CD Version 2 at NAMM 08

The BR-900CD is one of the worlds most popular, easy-to-use portable multi-track recorders. With Version 2, BOSS takes the best BR features and expands it with dozens of new COSM guitar-amp models, plus a super-cool new drum-editing software app and 500 minutes of recording time via 1GB Compact Flash.

BR-900CD [Overview]

The BR-900CD the musician's portable dream studio. It's road tough, fun to use, and it performs far beyond its weight class. This reliable all-in-one digital recorder stands out with its professional effects, realistic drum-pattern generator, vocal-correction and Mastering Tool Kit, digital output, and internal CD burner. No matter where you are — in your home studio or on the road — all you'll need is a BR-900CD, and you can write, record, edit, mix, master, and burn a complete polished CD anywhere, anytime.




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