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In this video we take you through the features of the EP4000, a 4,000-Watt Stereo Power Amplifier with ATR (Accelerated Transient Response) Technology.

Our proprietary Accelerated Transient Response Technology gives the EP4000 the massive power reserves needed for deep and impactful bass response, which translates into a more natural sound quality to deliver the ultimate in punch and clarity. With it's rugged design and conveniently designed features the EP4000 sounds great and is built to last.
chaosrunner kmh : 4000 is better than 2000
Aldemar Arboleda Hurtado : Me gusta la europower4000
shakeAbooty88 : These are very good amps. I've been in the business for 40 years and they are up there with the very best. I only have three, but that's because I have four other amps, all supposedly leagues above them. Trust me. These amps are great.

Europower EP4000. Amp DYNO

Dummy load and rise time.
Cristian Popa : Salut!
Am o "problema" la acest amplificator in sensul ca unul din canale se incalzeste in gol destul de rapid oare sa umblu la VR6 pentru a regla curentul de repaus ?
Bogdan Ticu : Până la urmă ce putere are ep 4000 in bridge pe 4 ohm rms?
În specificatii se lauda si in 2ohm. Ai idee daca e stabil amplificatorul în 2 ohm? Merci!
Ionutz ionutzz : salut chiar este mai puternic tsa 2200 ca tam 2400mk-x ?vreau sa achizitionez unul din ele si nus sigur care este mai puternic?
Florin Rusu : Salut
Ce putere are transformatorul ?
Ionutz ionutzz : parere ai de the t.amp TSA 4000 este mai bun ca ep 4000 ?
Ionutz ionutzz : salut ce parere ai despre INUKE NU6000 sau tsa 2200 ? este nu6000 mai puternic?
Ionutz ionutzz : as vrea sa aleg un anplificator din cele doua
the t.amp TA 2400 MK-X sau the t.amp TSA 2200 nu ma intereseaza greutatea care ar fi parerea ta mersi
Ionutz ionutzz : the t.amp E-1500 sau ep 4000 care ar fi mai puternic as vrea un sfat de la tne multumesc
Vlad Daniel : Salut iti apreciez munca si mai ales ca o impartasesti cu noi !!!
O intrebare am un Ep 1500 si un Ep 4000 !!
Cum sa configurez mai bine Ep 4000 cu Boxe Behringer B215 xl (250w ) ??
Ep 1500 cu doua subwoofere Vp 1800S cam 300w reali fiecare !!

Dc spun asta am inteles ca 1500 nu are protectie si este posibil in scurt sa arda si difuzoarle si ma gandesc ca b215xl sunt mult mai sensibile decat un bass ?

Sunt incepator accept orice sfat de la oricine insa a nu se ajunge la jigniri !!!

2400Wrms Amplifier - Closer look! Behringer EP4000

brief look at some of the features of my new amp and what it can perform! It dimms the lights what you switch it on!! Got it hooked up to the 18" celestion subwoofer in the L ported on one channel and the L ported quad 8" box on the other, just for fun.
Travis Gulley : Because he had to use his powered mixer to boost the signal the volume controls on a power amplifier are not gain controls according to the folks over at crown audio who manufacturer the crown power amplifiers
snoop furlow : Thats a good way to flo boat your speakers,blow them!!running a power amp into a powered mixer monitor inputs.is way too much signal,
Prashanth G Nair : I have two ultimax 15 subwoofer ported,would you recommend this amp?
Travis Gulley : I want to have that same system one day because that's a loud ass power amplifier and a awesome power amplifier celestion makes really good subwoofers
nesadx11 : So if it consumes 1150 watts, it can only give you less at the output, so if its class D you can get about 0.9 efficiency which brings it to roughly 1000 watts RMS total and by the way RMS is the only measure that counts.
Bruno Miguel : this amp have power 600w max dyno 4 ohms.. and very hot!! continous safe power around 400w.. like real power QSQ and Crown
MaliciousTaipan : I have two of them, just sitting in storage! I have to play with the switches to try get more out of my subwoofers. I am running two JBL 2240H 600w continuous 300Wrms they are 8 ohm. I’m still struggling with why I need to turn the gain up just to match the FOH, alway good to have headroom imo. It’s a complete mind F£€K! Signal booster??
Victor sola : 400 + 400 rms
electromechanical stuff : 1150 watts in 2400 watts out?
Thomopolus Rex : Behringer kicks.




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